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what's new 게시판
NO Classification Title Writer Date Hits
236 Hospital Issue [Myongji Hospital] Doctor Avengers fighting against cancer admin 109
235 Hospital Issue [Wiltse Memorial Hospital] Specialized hospital in spine/joint treatment for elderly patients admin 96
234 Notice [Gyeonggi-do News] Medical Training - Kazakhstan admin 72
233 Health&Beauty [Disease and Cure] Cancer! Who are you? admin 87
232 Hospital Issue [Hospital info]International patients’ management with ‘Video Counseling System' admin 110
231 Global Healthcare News [Gyeonggi-do News] Medical Training - Mongolia admin 119
230 Global Healthcare News [Gyeonggi-do News] Medical Training- Russia admin 120
229 Attractions [Gyeonggi-do, who are you? #2] The best autumn travel spot in northern Gyeonggi-do admin 87
228 Health&Beauty [Doctor Column2]. About Chronic Kidney Diseases admin 101
227 Hospital Issue [Hospital info]A crucial role in the treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease admin 106