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[Gapyeong] Farm Cottage


The Farm Cottage, offering a traditional home experience near Seoul, is located in Dojanggol, the ideal spot with Wangteo Mountain to the back and the Hongcheongang River in front, as a space for relaxing in nature. Cruise Cheongpyeong Lake and enter Hongcheongang River. Two traditional houses on the hill surrounded by national forest lands at the bottom of Jangrak Mountain and a western-style home that looks like a farm house in Germany are surrounded by Hyun Poplar. The Farm Cottage opened in August and offers two traditional houses, Seongchunje (250 years old) and Cheonrije (150 years old). These traditional houses were restored after being moved from Pungnamtoseong, Jamsil, where they were nearly demolished due to development, to this site in Gapyeong. The houses are conventional homes for the Gyeonggi-do area and the appearance and overall structures are maintained in their original form. The kitchen and the toilet have been modernized for guest convenience. The houses are popular among foreign visitors and each room has one bed. It is a good location for taking a therapeutic walk in the forest because the Farm Cottage is surrounded by pine and nut pine forests. There are lots of things to see because it is close to famous tourist attractions including Cheongpyeongho Lake, Jangrak Mountain and Yumyeong Mountain. Guests can also enjoy water sports every season on Hongcheon River.

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