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[Yongin] Gyeonggi Provincial Museum


Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, located in Sanggal-li, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, was established in 1996 to succeed and develop history and traditional culture of Gyeonggi-do. It is a building with one story underground and three above ground having exhibition hall, outdoor exhibition hall, outdoor play plaza, octagonal pavillion, amphitheaterand parking lot. It has five permanet exhibition halls which are composed of Nature History Hall illustrating the birth of earth, the importance of nature and environmental conservation, Archaeological Art Hall, Literature Materials Hall, Folklore Life Hall, Paintings and Caligraphy Hall and Donated Relics Hall, as well as Special Exhibition hall and Outdoor Exhibition Hall. There are more than 4,000 research books and 3,500 relics, including various books, paintings, relics, handicrafts, ceramics from prehistoric times to the Joseon Dynasty period. Also, it displays Gyeonggi-do six tangible cultural properties, including the 256th national treasure, Chojobondaebanggwalbulhwayeomgyeongjubon and the 1056th national treasure, Cheontaesagyo. In each exhibition hall, there is touch screen, which enables visitors to easily access the historical materials. Furthermore, there is search room that provides Gyeonggi-do major cultural assets and information regarding remains under its collection. Gyeonggi Provincial Museum was excavating and investigating major historic sites such as Juwolri of Paju, Bronze Age sites in Pocheon, Imjin Mountain of Yongin and Godal Temple in Yeoju, and is operating social education programs, such as museum university, youth culture school, culture movie screening, and more than two openings of special exhibitions per year.

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