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[Namyangju] Mongolia Cultural Town


Mongolia Cultural Town, located inside of Sudong National Tourist Site, was opened in April 2004 with the close help by Namyangju-City and City of Ulan Bator in Mongolia. 500 million won was used to establish tent-type Ger and carriage-type Ger (traditional residence types) and Mongolia Cultural Exhibition Hall. Also, from 2003 to 2006, another 560 million won was used to complete today's cultural town that has the total area of 68,000 pyeongs. Newly opened cultural town is a complex tourist site that has the combination of history and folk art of Mongolia. It has Mongolian permanent performance stage with 400 seats, Mongolia Cultural Exhibition Hall, traditional tea shop and lodging facilities. In Mongolia Cultural Exhibition Hall, there are about 200 exhibits, such as clothes, accessories and instruments directly air-shipped from Mongolia. Moreover, in traditional tea shop, there are Sutae tea, and Insni tea which are Mongolia's traditional teas. In traditional restaurant, visitors can taste Mongolia's unique steamed lamb meat and stew that is made out of donkey meat. Besides, there are various cultural facilities, such as Mongolia recreation plaza, where visitors can experience Nadam Festival which is Mongolia's traditional festival and horseback riding.

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