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[Yongin] Samsung Transportation Museum Yongin


Samsung Transportation Museum, located in Youun-ri, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is transportation specialized museum established in 1998 where visitors can learn history and science of transportation. There are main exhibition hall, lobby exhibition hall, outdoor exhibition hall, image room, reference room and gift shop, as well as about 30 unique and distinctive domestic and foreign vehicles, including 1979 type Pony, 1969 type delivery van Master T-600 for private transportation industry, 1967 type Shinjin Publica, 1899 type Locomobile steam vehicle, 1959 type Beatles. Also, visitors can see ornaments, souvenirs, real size models and related parts that reveal development of transportation, including motorcycles, bicycles and carriages. as well as engraving art works, ad-posters and photos related with vehicles. In addition, they can easily see historically valuable exhibits related with the development of vehicles and transportation. Other than these, there are books related with transportation, audiovisual references, operating exhibits and chronological table that summarizes development of vehicles and ships. The museum keeps the appearance and function of exhibits with professional management and restoration technology. Also, it is operating Samsung Fire Insurance Transportation Country that provides educational experience to children.

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