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[NOV. 2022] 2022 Gyeonggi Province Medical Training Program Restarted

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  • Date 2022-11-28
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2022 Gyeonggi Province Medical Training Program Restarted



Gyeonggi-do hosted a training completion ceremony on November 25 for the 12 participants of the Gyeonggi Province Medical Training  Program. The participants are from Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan.


The program is offered from October to December. During the program, the participants stay in Gyeonggi-do for four weeks to receive training on excellent clinical healthcare technologies and advanced IT-based healthcare technologies. The training program was prepared to serve as the bridge for healthcare cooperation between Gyeonggi-do and foreign countries.


A total of 12 healthcare specialists from Uzbekistan National Hospital, Second National Hospital of Mongolia, and the National Hospital of Ministry of Health in Kyrgyzstan took part in the completion ceremony.


For four weeks, the participants received training on excellent clinical healthcare technologies and advanced IT-based healthcare technologies from seven hospitals in Gyeonggi-do, including: the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon ST.MARY’S Hospital, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital, NHIS Ilsan Hospital, Myongji Hospital, Bundang Jesaeng Hospital, and Wiltse Memorial Hospital.



In particular, during the entire training program, the participants showed a great interest in “treatment technologies for severe diseases” that require advanced healthcare technologies to treat cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and conduct neurosurgeries, as well as the “smart IT treatment technology” currently implemented by Gyeonggi-do hospitals, and robot surgeries using advanced healthcare equipment.


The Gyeonggi Province Medical Training Program started in 2011. The program allows foreign healthcare staff members to experience the advanced healthcare technologies of Gyeonggi-do. There has been a total of 743 participants from 10 countries.


After signing an MOU for cooperation in the healthcare sector, Gyeonggi-do has been organizing the Gyeonggi Province Medical Training Program for healthcare professionals from 10 countries including Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Cambodia, as a follow-up to the MOU.


This year, there will be a total of 30 participants, including the 12 participants who have taken part in the completion ceremony. The program will go on until the end of the year.


Although there were travel restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gyeonggi-do developed an online training program to ensure continued exchanges among healthcare professionals. Participants were able to take part in the program online in their own countries. A total of 155 healthcare professionals took part in the online program from 2020 to 2022.


Gyeonggi-do’s Infectious Disease Management Support Group also joined the online program. Participants were greatly interested in Korea’s COVID-19 response system, famously known for its K-quarantine measures.


The Gyeonggi Province Medical Training Program is a core project to strengthen interpersonal networks and provide a foundation for the province’s healthcare industry to enter the overseas market. As 2023 is expected to start the transition to the post-COVID era, it is anticipated that the training program will become even more important and vibrant.