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[JUN. 2023] CHA University Bundang Medical Center Confirms ...

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  • Date 2023-06-23
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CHA University Bundang Medical Center Confirms the Efficacy of a New Treatment Therapeutic Agent for Ovarian and Breast Cancer That Is Resistant to PARP Inhibitors



Dr. Moon, Yong Wha


On May 26, CHA University Bundang Medical Center (Director: Yoon, Sang Wook) stated, “A research team led by Prof. Moon, Yong Wha of the hemato-oncology department has confirmed the antitumor efficacy of JPI-547, a novel inhibitor of PARP 1/2 and Tankyrase 1/2, both of which facilitate the growth of cancer cells, and gave a presentation on the antitumor efficacy of JPI-547 at the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) Annual Meeting 2023 held in Orlando, Florida.”

Prof. Moon's team assessed the in-vivo efficacy of JPI-547 by transplanting breast and ovarian cancer cell lines and tumoral tissues (patient-derived tumor xenograft, PDTX) from HRD-positive (including BRCA mutation-positive) women. The team proved the strong efficacy of JPI-547 by confirming the cancer cell apoptosis efficacy at IC50 (half maximal inhibitory concentration), which is lower than the inhibitory concentrations for olaparib and talazoparib, both conventional PARP inhibitors of breast and ovarian cancer.

Prof. Moon's team first confirmed that in a model that is not resistant to PARP inhibitors, a high antitumor efficacy of around 99% was observed in a group administered with the single agent JPI-547. The team ascertained that JPI-547 is much more potent in terms of antitumor efficacy than the existing first-generation PARP inhibitors, such as olaparib (58.2%), niraparib (55.6%) and talazoparib (66.2%).

It was also found that in a breast/ovarian cancer model that was administered with olaparib for at least seven months and which had become resistant to PARP inhibitors, a group administered with the single agent JPI-547 (50mg/kg) showed around 81.7% more anti-tumor efficacy than the control group.

"This study has great significance as it has confirmed the potential of JPI-547 as a new therapeutic agent, which can overcome resistance in a tumor model that is resistant to existing PARP inhibitors," said Prof. Moon. “This study identified a mechanism by which homologous recombination is inhibited by inhibiting the expression of RAD51, a DNA repair protein, among different mechanisms that affect the acquisition of resistance to PARP inhibitors.” Prof. Moon added, "We are planning to conduct in-depth research on the biomarker of JPI-547 based on its potential confirmed in its single administration.”



Director Yoon, Sang-wook of CHA University Bundang Medical Center said, “Our medical center has been designated as a Research-Driven Hospital by the government for the second time in a row. It has also established a superb medical environment by increasing the cure rate of intractable diseases through the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. At CHA University Bundang Medical Center, which is a patient-oriented hospital offering excellent medical services and a global hospital promoting the health and well-being of humanity, we will continue to pursue the balanced development of medical services, research and training in order that the medical center can achieve its goal of becoming a leading and world-class hospital.”


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