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[CARE for U] Introducing CareBuddy to Take Care of your Health

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  • Date 2023-07-10
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Introducing CareBuddy to Take Care of your Health




Q. Please tell us about CareforU Co., Ltd. in detail.


  "A global leader in diagnosis of chronic diseases "


A. Since its establishment in 2019, CareforU has maintained its position as Korea’s representative manufacturer of medical devices for in vitro diagnosis of chronic diseases and testing blood sugar. It is by 20 years of R&D, quality control, and certification acquisition that CareforU became competitive in the global pneumatic medical device market. We are exporting our products to five different countries. In accordance with our goal of contributing to the improvement of human health, we are striving to develop various new products, such as medical devices that can be used in our daily lives. These include multi-diagnostic devices and blood glucose meters.



Q. Please briefly explain the features of the 'CareBuddy Multi-Analyzer'.


"Products from CareforU comparable to those of multinational companies"


A. We are making great efforts to provide world-class diagnostic devices comparable to those of Abbot, which has the world’s No. 1 market share for glycated hemoglobin diagnostic devices. Our products are already showing the same level of results in clinical trials and device comparison experiments. Some advantages that our products have compared to our competitors’ products include tests that can be stored and used at room temperature, the scalability of our multi-devices, and our internationally competitive prices.

 First of all, storage at room temperature means that products can be transported inland without a refrigerated truck, thereby reducing costs. You can take a tester out of the refrigerator and make a diagnosis immediately without waiting for 30-40 minutes. The second advantage is scalability, which makes it easier to develop separate tests for each country or situation and link them with multi-devices beyond the existing four tests. We are already in the process of developing a separate test with buyers from India and Malaysia.

 Finally, the third advantage is our competitive prices. Compared to products from our existing competitors that are priced from $2,000 to $3,000, the CareBuddy Multi-Analyzer is designed to enable export at less than half the price. Also, the price can be adjusted as the quantity of our products increases, making it possible for our products to be more promising in the future.






Q. Do you have any blueprints for entry into the overseas market or any future business plans?


"Let’s spread out into the world, starting with Europe"


A. We have prepared all the certificates required to export our products to the European market. We also believe that if our products are recognized in the European market- where quality is valued- the Asian market can naturally open up for us as well. In addition, we believe that if the quantity of our products increases, prices will also be stabilized, making it possible for us to aggressively enter other markets with strong price competitiveness, such as Asia and the Middle East. The final target markets could be the US or countries in South America (such as Brazil). We will have long-term plans based on separate strategies and planning for each market.