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[OCT. 2023] Myongji Hospital Hosts International Robotic Surgery Symposium to ...

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  • Date 2023-10-26
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Myongji Hospital Hosts International Robotic Surgery Symposium to

Revitalize the Operation of the Robotic Surgery Center



Myongji Hospital has opened a robotic surgery center to provide excellent treatment options for both Korean and foreign patients through robotic surgery.


This center uses the state-of-the-art robotic surgery device 'Da Vinci Xi' to perform precise surgeries for serious cancer cases, such as urinary cancer, gynecologic cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, hepatobiliary pancreatic cancer, pharynx and larynx cancer, and lung cancer. The device is also used in various other surgical operations such as those concerning uterine myoma, pelvic organ prolapses, obesity and metabolic disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease, mediastinal tumors, and heart valve disorders.



'Da Vinci Xi' has four robot arms that move similarly to human wrist joints. These robot arms are longer and thinner than human arms, enabling them to perform precise surgery on complex and deep lesions in the body. It is worth noting that this procedure is also safe as there is no risk of hand tremors during surgery. Additionally, the camera mounted right behind the endoscope lens relays 3D high-definition images of the surgical area, which are enlarged 15 times, enabling accurate surgical procedures. Compared to a laparotomy, which involves creating large incision scars, robotic surgery involves creating 2 to 4 small holes in the target area, making the incision area smaller and reducing pain and bleeding. Also, the risk of infection and complications is low. Robotic surgery is expected to become more prevalent, as it is an effective and safe treatment option for patients.


With medical staff who have received systematic training, Myongji Hospital's Robotic Surgery Center provides medical services in various languages for foreign patients. In fact, the center has a storied history of performing robotic surgeries, including procedures such as prostatectomy, thyroidectomy, mastectomy, and hysterectomy on foreign patients of various nationalities.



In addition, Myongji Hospital hosted the ‘1st Robotic Surgery Symposium’ in which domestic and foreign experts in the field of robotic surgery participated. During this event, participants shared the latest trends and experiences in robotic surgical procedures involving malignant and benign diseases and discussed the development of robotic surgery.


Myongji Hospital continues to strive to provide safe and effective treatment to patients through state-of-the-art medical technology such as robotic surgery, and it plans to apply the use of robotic surgery to more fields in the future.