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[Gyeonggi-do and Medical Device Companies] Introduction to Gyeonggi Province’s Medical Industry...

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  • Date 2023-10-26
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Introduction to Gyeonggi Province’s Medical Industry Overseas

Expansion 3D Video Production Support Project


Gyeonggi Province has been providing a range of support to export companies facing difficulties in overseas promotion due to COVID-19 since 2021, including restrictions on face-to-face marketing such as participation in overseas exhibitions.

One mode of support is the ‘Medical Industry Overseas Expansion 3D Video Production Project.’

The 3D video production support project has been implemented since 2021 with the primary aim of supporting the production of 3D videos for medical devices primarily designed for internal application in order to enable their utilization in export company marketing and more.

Many medical device companies in Gyeonggi Province are planning for international exports and marketing. However, they are facing difficulties because they lack promotional videos and materials to showcase their products during buyer meetings and participation in international exhibitions.

In particular, not only is video production challenging, but also the majority of product introduction videos are in Korean, which may not be sufficient for international marketing purposes. Therefore, they are receiving support from Gyeonggi Province to create videos in foreign languages such as English.

In 2021, five companies participated in the video production support project, followed by another five in 2022. In 2023, there are plans to provide video support for three more companies.

Through the video production support project, Gyeonggi Province has been able to introduce advanced medical devices being produced in the region to overseas markets, including dental implant procedure equipment, orthodontic brackets, dental handpieces, infant warming device, and real-time isothermal amplification device.

In particular, these videos are not only for simple product promotion but also provide significant assistance to overseas buyers in easily learning how to use the devices after purchasing them.

Indeed, the medical device companies that received support from Gyeonggi Province have received favorable evaluations for effectively promoting both Gyeonggi Province and their excellent medical equipment during marketing at overseas exhibitions in countries such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia.


In the future, Gyeonggi Province plans to continue supporting medical industry companies in overcoming challenges in technology and product development processes for their overseas expansion efforts. It aims to collaborate with these companies from various angles, including promotional marketing, to help more businesses achieve success in this endeavor.