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[NOV. 2023]Uzbekistan Tashkent Regional Government Officials and Local Hospital Directors Visit...

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  • Date 2023-11-21
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Uzbekistan Tashkent Regional Government Officials and Local Hospital Directors Visit Advanced Medical Institutions in Gyeonggi-do

- Strengthening of Korea-Uzbekistan Global Medical Cooperation -





A delegation from the Uzbekistan Tashkent Regional Government visited Gyeonggi-do for the purpose of enhancing global medical cooperation. The delegation from the Tashkent Regional Government, led by Sultanbekov Otabek, Deputy Governor of Tashkent, along with Gyeonggi-do, participated in the ‘Gyeonggi Global Hospital Management Academy’ from November 7 to 10.

In the official welcome ceremony held on November 7 at the Ramada Plaza Suwon Hotel, representatives from the Tashkent Regional Government were joined by officials from 8 medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do that are involved in medical cooperation with Uzbekistan, including the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon ST. Mary's Hospital, Korea University Ansan Hospital, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Ajou University Hospital, Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital, Shihwa Medical Center, GSAM Medical Center, and Wiltse Memorial Hospital.

During the welcome ceremony, there was a time for presentations on health and medical topics between the two regions. The purpose was to exchange medical policies and explore future collaboration opportunities. Eom Won-ja, the Head of the Health and Medical Department in Gyeonggi-do, gave a presentation on ‘Gyeonggi Province's International Medical Business and Collaboration in the Health and Medical Sector.’ Abduganiyev Ulugbek, the Director of the Public Health Department in Tashkent, presented the healthcare status in Tashkent and proposed collaboration opportunities in the health and medical field.



As part of the invitational overseas medical professional training program by Gyeonggi-do, 11 medical trainees from Uzbekistan and Mongolia, who are currently undergoing training at medical institutions in the province, also attended the welcome ceremony and shared their training experiences.

On November 9, the delegation from the Tashkent Regional Government visited three medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do - Korea University Ansan Hospital, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, and Ajou University Hospital. They benchmarked the medical facilities in Gyeonggi-do equipped with advanced information and communication infrastructure and discussed collaboration opportunities between Korean and Uzbekistan medical institutions.



The delegation also visited Meere Company Co., Ltd., the developer of the domestic surgical robot ‘Revo-i,’ which has expanded into Uzbekistan. They had the opportunity to observe a live demonstration of the robotic surgical equipment and gain insights into the development of surgical robots in Uzbekistan. On November 10, the Uzbekistan delegation concluded their visit to Gyeonggi-do with a cultural tourism program experience. They then returned to their home country.

Gyeonggi-do and Tashkent Region of Uzbekistan have been actively pursuing exchange and cooperation since September 2022 when Governor Zoyir Mirzayev visited Gyeonggi-do and had discussions with Governor Kim Dong-yeon on establishing a cooperative relationship in the health and medical sector. This was followed by a visit from the Gyeonggi-do health and medical delegation to Tashkent Region in June of this year.

Oh Byeong-gwon, the First Vice Governor of Gyeonggi Province, said, “Uzbekistan is a country with potential for future overseas expansion in the medical field, and a friendly region that has exchanged with Gyeonggi Province for a long time. This visit was quickly arranged to express gratitude to the Tashkent Provincial Government delegation, who generously supported the Gyeonggi Province delegation in June. We will continue to provide unwavering support to ensure the continuous relationship of trust between the two regions.”