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[FEB. 2024] Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injection Therapy for Knee Arthritis

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  • Date 2024-02-16
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Lee ChunTek Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Introduces

Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injection Therapy for Knee Arthritis




Jangsan Medical Foundation LeeChunTek Hospital, a specialized hospital in robotic artificial joint surgery and orthopedic joint care, recently announced the introduction of autologous bone marrow stem cell injection therapy.

According to the hospital, autologous bone marrow stem cell injection therapy is a treatment method certified for safety and effectiveness through the approval of the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare's new medical technology. It can be applied to patients with early to moderate knee osteoarthritis corresponding to Kellgren-Lawrence grades 2-3.



Stem cells take the form of cells in many tissues that make up the body, playing a role in regenerating damaged or injured cells. They have the ability for self-renewal, capable of proliferating indefinitely. These cells function to replenish cells in the place of dead cells due to external impact or aging.


The procedure involves extracting autologous bone marrow from the patient’s pelvic iliac crest, isolating only the stem cells through a centrifuge, and then injecting them into the knee joint space. The entire process, from marrow extraction to stem cell injection into the knee joint, takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The hospital emphasizes that this is a relatively simple procedure, using the patient's own bone marrow, ensuring safety without immune rejection reactions.

After the treatment, one can anticipate not only temporary effects but also benefits such as pain relief, cartilage regeneration, and improved joint function. The hospital emphasizes that another significant advantage is the minimal post-treatment pain and the ability for patients to resume their daily activities almost immediately, thanks to short hospital stays.



Dr. Lee Soohyun, the head of the medical team at LeeChunTek Hospital, stated, “Once cartilage is damaged, regeneration is impossible, and for patients who have progressed to advanced stages of arthritis, there may be no other option than joint replacement surgery. However, for patients in the early to moderate stages of arthritis before it reaches the advanced stage, autologous bone marrow stem cell injection therapy can be considered as a treatment to assist in cartilage regeneration and control pain and arthritis.”