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[Commax] Challenging various industries through laser wavelength conversion core technology

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  • Date 2024-02-23
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Challenging various industries

through laser wavelength conversion core technology



Q. Please provide an introduction about Commax.


「Expanding into the Medical Device Sector with Laser Technology」


A. Commax, starting as Central Electronics Industry in 1968, has grown with customers for over 50 years and is recognized as the leading prestigious company in South Korea. As a specialized AI HOME company, we offer a variety of services and platforms for the safety and value of customers' lives, along with advanced technologies and differentiated products such as interphones, videophones, smart home systems, and security solutions. In addition, to pioneer the future market, we started the laser light source business in 2007, developing products applicable to various industries. From 2015, we have actively developed medical laser light sources, collaborating with various medical device companies to manufacture rehabilitation, beauty, and dental medical devices. Recently, we have been accelerating the development of products for the home care market.



Q. Please explain the features and advantages of the laser pain therapy device.


「Enhanced Competitiveness with a Diverse Product Lineup」


A. Our 'High-Intensity Laser Pain Therapy Device' utilizing multi-wavelength laser modules effectively treats various conditions such as pain resulting from surgery and muscle damage, arthritis, and cartilage growth. The treatment is efficient and free of side effects. Moreover, by connecting specific optical components inside the handpiece, it is structured to enable the treatment of tinea pedis, allowing for various selective procedures. The handpiece has the advantage of reducing treatment time by accommodating beam sizes of up to 30mm.


We have developed a low-power laser therapy device based on the 'High-Intensity Laser Pain Therapy Device,' allowing individuals to treat pain areas personally. This product sequentially irradiates three laser wavelengths in pulses, delivering energy for cellular regeneration, enabling continuous management.



Q. Plans for entering the overseas market and future business directions or blueprints?


「Pursuing FDA Approval for the Entire Product Line to Secure Entry into the U.S. Market」


A. We plan to strengthen sales in the domestic market, which was somewhat sluggish due to COVID-19, and anticipate a substantial entry into the U.S. market starting this year by obtaining FDA approval for our main products and products from collaborating companies. Through continuous research and development, we aim to achieve a 200% growth target within the next three years, expanding our medical device business segment