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[Vietnam-Unkown headache and chest pain]

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Recently, Korea University Ansan Hospital (President, Dr. Sang Hoon Cha) invited a Vietnamese patient to offer medical treatment as part of ‘Gyeonggi-do global medical sharing project.’ The Vietnamese patient, Nguyen Thi Sinh (55, female), complained of a headache and chest pain due to accumulated stress and fatigue from work and household chores. After a remote medical examination through the local hospital in Vietnam, it was decided to invite the patient to Korea University Ansan Hospital for a thorough medical checkup. During the hospitalization, a complete medical checkup of the patient’s body was conducted, including exercise ECG and a brain MRI to understand the current risk of heart disease of the patient. The patient was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope occurring from an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system based on the consultation of test results from four departments including Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery. The medical team decided to monitor her condition rather than having a surgery. “The patient has excessively worked in Vietnam where the temperature is quite high, therefore dehydration could easily occur and it also brought some symptoms of a headache and chest pain,” explained Dr. Cho Won-min, a professor from the department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery and the deputy director of Korea University Ansan Hospital Referral Center. ‘Gyeonggi-do global medical sharing project’ is a project to invite foreign patients in need to provide them with medical services for free of charge with a help of Gyeonggi-do and a medical institution. This project is a great opportunity for Gyeonggi-do to practice the spirit of sharing and it is also expected to attract many medical tourists by promoting a world-class medical technology of Gyeonggi-do to the world. Korea University Ansan Hospital is planned to expand its effort in invigorating international medical tourism and cooperation among other partner hospitals through the Referral Center.