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[Russia-Cleft palate Patient]

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The first beneficiary of the medical sharing project for foreign patients arrived on the 1st. This project is carried out by Gyeonggi-do for overseas expansion of Korean medical technology and to practice the spirit of sharing. According to Gyeonggi-do, Krut Alexandrina (a three-year-old girl), who is suffering from cleft palate was hospitalized in Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Bucheon on the 1st. On the same day, there was a little welcoming ceremony in the hospital joined by her supporters. Alexandrina is scheduled to be hospitalized for two weeks after a plastic surgery on the 2nd. Alexandrina’s parents had been looking for a hospital for three years to get a pro bono surgery for their daughter due to family’s financial difficulties. Finally, Alexandrina could come to Korea through recommendation by a medical tour agency in Khabarovsk which has a close connection with hospitals in Gyeonggi-do. “It was impossible to even imagine getting a surgery for our daughter in either Vladivostok which is 250 km away or Khabarovsk since I am a school teacher and my husband is a driver and we only earn about 1.1 million won a month,” said Krut Marina (28), mother of Alexandrina, who works as a school teacher. She then added, “I am extremely grateful to Gyeonggi-do and Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital for their support. We will make sure to take a good care of our daughter who is honored by international support. And we will never forget about your help.”