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[Mongolia-Cushing’s syndrome Patient]

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G SAM Hospital is recently taking a leading role in ‘global medical sharing’ by providing treatments to Mongolian and Chinese patients. According to G SAM Hospital on the 22nd, a Mongolian patient Okhan Saule (44, female) lives in a rural area called Bayan-Olgii, 1600 km away from Ulan Bator. In this area, the Kazakhs live in groups and it is difficult to get a decent medical treatments. Saule’s husband is unemployed and her child is a student so she has been making a living by producing products at home. However, she started to suffer from the pus on her skin and drying out cracks from few years ago. She could barely wear clothes after putting cream on skin and covering the wound up with pieces of plastic bag due to severe pain. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome at a hospital in Bayan-Olgii, but she was told that there was no treatment available from the local institution. Fortunately, a missionary in Mongolia asked for a help for this patient in July last year, so the patient could come to G SAM Hospital. “The patient is diagnosed with the secondary Cushing’s syndrome and the prolonged usage of steroid ointment to treat the skin disease including psoriasis might have caused the syndrome,” said Lee Yun-su, the director of the department of immunology at G SAM Hospital. “It will require about six months of continuous treatment for the patient, so we will find ways to continue the treatment in the local hospital in Mongolia after four weeks of treatment here in Korea,” he also added.