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Patient Testimonials

[LeeChunTek Hospital] Patient's comment from Russia on hip replacement

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I had total hip replacement for both hips at LeeChunTek Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital.

When I reached the point where I could not even go to sleep every single night due to a severe pain in my legs, I thought to myself that it was the time to have surgery but at the same time I was very afraid, too. This was because I knew that there were very few people who had hip replacement surgery and were young like me. However, my fear melt away after having a meeting with a competent doctor from LeeChunTek Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital because he answered all my questions very kindly.

Each and everyone of the medical team at the hospital is very friendly and they will swiftly respond to all of your requests. The interpreter doesn’t only provide services during the process and examinations, but also stays with you until right before the surgery. The nutritionist tries very hard to provide healthy food to satisfy you and I am sure that this can contribute greatly to your recovery.

I did not believe the doctors when I was told that I would be able to walk again after the surgery, but I actually felt no pain in my legs when I started rehabilitation. The progress of rehabilitation was very fast and I hardly felt any pain in my legs even without a help of injection treatments.

You could speak to your doctor anytime even after you leave the hospital.

I absolutely have no difficulties in leading my normal life now and I can move freely on my own without feeling any pain. Furthermore, I am so happy that I no longer have to take medicine.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to LeeChunTek Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital for giving me this happy life.


Osipova Kseniya