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Patient Testimonials

[LeeChunTek Hospital] Patient’s comment on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and meniscectomy

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I am writing this message to those patients who made inquiries about their treatments to LeeChunTek Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital but have not made their decisions yet.

I arrived at LeeChunTek Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital on January 2, 2014 for my preoperative examinations. I went through all necessary preoperative examinations for few hours and also had a meeting with the doctor who was going to perform my surgery. The doctor was kind enough to explain my body‘s current condition and processes of the surgery I was about to have. He also told me about the expected postoperative condition by showing some pictures of patients recovering from their surgeries from this hospital.

In the morning of January 3, I had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and meniscectomy. Anesthesia took effect quickly and I did not feel any discomfort after waking up from the anesthesia.

After two days, I was able to walk on crutches on my own.

I could recover very quickly and shorten my hospitalization thanks to effective treatments and medication in physical therapy clinic with modernized medical equipment.

Furthermore, a professional and friendly medical team and staff members made me feel at home through out my entire stay at the hospital. Also, the whole treatment process including injections and IV did not hurt.

The nutritionists asked my opinion before they decided the menu.

Last but not least, patients can also choose their rooms according to their budget.

I left the hospital on January 10, 2014.


Nikita Sahno