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Patient Testimonials

[St. Vincent Hospital]Thank-You Letter from a Russian patient

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뉴조감도     조현민교수님

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family hard times.
We will never forget your care and support and appreciate your kind attention despite your busy schedule. We are fortunate and proud to have such a wonderful, thoughtful and talented Doctor and touched by your sincere devotion to our case.
We like to call you 주상 전하! (Your Majesty The King!) because of your great charisma and strength that give people hope, trust and feeling of safety.
Treatment under your supervision and assistance of other Doctors and all your medical team with the caring attitude of the Nurses and Sisters, International Health Care Center and all the hospital staff have helped us attain fast recovery. You have always been kind and offered us the moral support.
It is not only the high-quality treatment, but also the care and empathy shown by Doctors like you which makes the world a better place to live in.
We felt comfortable going to the hospital. This experience will remain with us as a special one as we met a team of medical experts we wouldn’t usually get to meet in any other place.
Again, please accept our warmest heartfelt thanks!
We LOVE you, 주상 전하! ^^