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Patient Testimonials

[Jainmedi Hopital] Thank you letter from Victoria

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I underwent medical examinations and treatment at JainMedi Hospital in October 2015. This hospital is near Seoul and specializes in the joints and spine, as well as featuring a Korean Traditional Medicine Clinic.

I underwent many examinations and also received treatment from the doctors afterwards. The staff members were all professional, and handled all matters promptly.


The brain sonogram taken on the first day showed that I was suffering from migraines, which is not caused by issues related to brain tissues or blood vessels; thus, I was told to find another therapy.

After that, I consulted with an orthopedist who specializes in the shoulders. After taking an x-ray, the doctor said there were no special symptoms and recommended a regular examination.


I liked that the doctor was honest and did not recommend unnecessary treatment during the consultation. This is because many other hospitals tend to recommend unnecessary treatment to their patients.

I wanted to receive treatment here since I heard that the doctor was highly professional and well-experienced in the Korean Traditional Medicine Clinic, so I took oriental medicine and had acupuncture therapy performed. The results were very satisfactory. I had received treatment with oriental medicine before, but sometimes it had not been helpful. But Doctor Yoo’s consultation and treatment were really helpful.


Also, I received skin treatment to take care of wrinkles and brighten my skin tone, and I could see the effects the very next day. The results were much better than I expected. So I received the treatment two more times, which was really helpful; and thus I would like to strongly recommend this treatment.

Also, I received treatment and six spine massages from Doctor So, who is a chiropractor. He  was not only a professional and good doctor, but also a specialist with a comforting hand. My back felt better after that, and my migraine also disappeared. After taking a scoliosis test, I was also told what kind of exercise I need to take.

The only downside is that the interior of the hospital is slightly old. It would be perfect if the interior was redecorated.


I think I became healthy thanks to the good treatment at the hospital. If I have the chance, I will definitely revisit this hospital for treatment.

Once again, I would like to thank the doctors and the hospital staff for their kindness and expertise.


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