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Medical Charity

Medical Charity - Ajou University Hospital

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Medical Charity 1. Ajou University Hospital

Nong Thi Thuy Duyen was born with congenital heart on January 31, 2016. She lives in the Bac Can area, which is located 8 to 10 hours north of Hanoi, Vietnam by car. She has suffered from heart failure and has slower growth compared to other toddlers of the same age.

Her parents lost their first child due to the same illness and gain a bare livelihood by working as tenant farmers. Under such circumstances, they were unable to afford their daughter’s treatment this time around.

This little girl was selected as a beneficiary of a project that offers free surgical procedures for overseas patients. The project was supported by Gyeonggi Province and Ajou University Hospital in 2017. She received two surgeries on December 26 and 27, 2017, both of which were successfully operated by Professor Hong Yu-seon, an authoritative pediatric cardiologist. On January 9, 2018, she returned to Vietnam in fully recovered health.

Let’s hope that this special girl will have will enjoy a healthy and happy life with her family and friends!


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