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FAQ 게시판
no Classification Title Writer Date Hits
9 FAQ Where can we go for shopping in Gyeonggi-do? admin 2117
8 FAQ What sort of foods are available for patients who can have ordinary diet? admin 1749
7 FAQ Are there any accommodation available for family members to stay? admin 1682
6 FAQ How is the weather like in Gyeonggi-do? admin 1965
5 FAQ Is it easy to use the public transportation? admin 1640
4 FAQ How many foreign patients visit Gyeonggi-do and how are they evaluated? admin 1710
3 FAQ How affordable is the Gyeonggi-do’s medical service? admin 1945
2 FAQ Where does the medical services of Gyeonggi-do (Korea) rank? admin 1785
1 FAQ What are the merits of Gyeonggi-do‘s global medical industry? admin 1642