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Title Where does the medical services of Gyeonggi-do (Korea) rank?
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : FAQ  |  Date : 2015-07-13  |  Hits : 1764
Content The competitiveness of Korean medical services lies in its ability to offer advanced medical services at affordable costs in a swift manner. Korea’s advanced medical technology is worldly recognized and the 5-year survival rate for major cancers and the success rate of the liver transplant are evaluated to be higher than that of the US.
The 5-year survival rate for stomach cancer for Korea is 67%, whereas it is 26.9% for the US. As for thyroid cancer, the survival rate reaches 99.8% in Korea. Compared to other OECD member countries, the 5-year survival rate for colorectal cancer ranked highest during the period of 2006 to 2011 and the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer ranked second, only four points behind the US.
Korea’s medical technology is already at a world-class level as Korea ranks second in medical equipment and fourth in medical services among OECD countries.
Member hospitals of Gyeonggi International Medical Association who are located in Gyeonggi-do particularly have great capabilities in serious diseases (heart disease, cancer, organ transplant and etc.) and special diseases (spinal column, joint, plastic surgery and etc.). Many of them are accredited by JCI and/or the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea.

<Table> The 5-year survival rate for major cancers

All cancers64.165.46254.3

Source :National Cancer Information Center Website