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Title How is the weather like in Gyeonggi-do?
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : FAQ  |  Date : 2015-07-13  |  Hits : 1941
Content Located in inland area with gentle topography and a continental climate, Gyeonggi-do has hotter summer and colder winter compared to those of Incheon or Seoul.
The annual average temperature is 12.3℃. The coldest month is January with the average temperature of –2.1℃ and August is the warmest month with the average temperature of 25.2℃. The annual range of temperature is 27.3℃.
The total precipitation of summer (June to August) is 780.1mm, accounting for 59.4% of the annual precipitation.
The west-northwest winds prevail in all seasons and there are a lot of clouds in the summer and little in the winter.
The first snow generally falls around the middle of November, so please take this into account when you plan for your tour.

For more information on Gyeonggi-do’s weather, please visit Korea Meteorological Administration.