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Title What sort of foods are available for patients who can have ordinary diet?
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : FAQ  |  Date : 2015-07-13  |  Hits : 1729
Content We recommend Samgye tang (ginseng chicken soup) which is a soup boiled with chicken, rice, and medicinal herbs and charcoal grilled Galbi (soy sauce marinated beef). Samgye tang is easy to digest and it contains quality proteins, fat, and essential amino acids which are good for granulation. Galbi is marinated with salt and soy sauce, therefore it is not only rich in proteins, but it also contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and iron which are good for postoperative recovery, growing children, and restoring energy for the elderly. In addition, there are other dishes to experience Korean traditional taste including Bulgogi, Bibimbap, set menu with cooked rice, Galbi tang (short rib soup) and we also have many restaurants to indulge your all five senses.

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