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Title The Medical Gyeonggi Training Program
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : Global Healthcare News  |  Date : 2018-03-22  |  Hits : 3234
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Are you familiar with

the Medical Gyeonggi Training Program?

“Korea received medical assistance approximately 60 years ago.

Now, Korea is transferring its medical technologies!"

Gyeonggi-do Province takes the initiative in lending a helping hand to the world where needed based on the appreciation we received through the 'Medical Gyeonggi Training Program'.

More than 470 overseas medical trainees have visited Gyeonggi-do Province since 2011 and we are making efforts to support and help overseas medical trainees to learn about excellent medical technologies and high-tech infrastructure by dispatching them to medical institutions in Gyeonggi-do Province.

A Vietnamese doctor who completed the training for 4 weeks in Gyeonggi-do Province expressed his/her satisfaction, saying that

Excellent facilities and beneficial training programs were more helpful for him/her to  learn about new medical system and technologies. He/she intended to return to his/her homeland and share the advanced medical technologies, facilities, and systems he/she learned from Gyeonggi-do Province.

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