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Title Sharing of Medical Service
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : Global Healthcare News  |  Date : 2018-03-26  |  Hits : 3237

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“Global Gyeonggi united with the sharing of medical services with free surgeries”

Q) How did the sharing of medical services with free surgeries start?

A) It began in order to return some of the profits made from foreign patients who visited Gyeonggi-do Province for treatment back to the international society.

Q) Could you explain more about this project?

A) This project invites patients with financial hardship who are unable to receive medical benefits by sharing love and hope through free surgeries using medical institutions' excellent medical technologies.

Q) What is the organization’s mission?

A) We will make efforts to communicate with everyone in the world through medical service with a sense of responsibility as a diplomatic representative in the field of the global health care industry.

A total of 12 foreign patients have received medical benefits since 2014.

Vietnam (2), Cambodia (1), Mongolia (4), Russia (1), Kazakhstan (3), Kyrgyzstan (1)