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Title [Shesmedi Hospital] Misunderstandings and Truth about Gestosis
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : Hospital Issue  |  Date : 2016-01-28  |  Hits : 7553
Content 칼럼(영문)

-What are the reasons for gestosis?
Gestosis can be caused by abnormal blood vessel development during placentation, improper adaptation of pregnant mothers to the cardiovascular system or clinical osteoarthritis due to pregnancy or genetic predispositions.

-What are the symptoms of gestosis? Are there any self-check methods?
The symptoms may vary but blood pressure is usually elevated. Since it is difficult to recognize elevated blood pressure by yourself, you should have your blood pressure checked at a medical treatment. You should check to determine if your blood pressure is elevated if you experience any unusual increase in your body weight during a short period of time, have edema, headache, blurriness, epigastric pain and decreased urine output. 

-What kinds of treatments are necessary if I am diagnosed with gestosis?
If it is severe, it may be advisable to terminate the pregnancy. This will depend on the severity of the diagnosis and the stage of the pregnancy after the condition of the fetus and pregnant mother have been checked.

 -What are the impacts of gestosis on the fetus?
Due to placental maladjustment, growth retardation of fetus may occur and severe oligoamnios may lead to the death of the fetus.

 -Are there any underlying problems that require vigilance with regard to gestosis or can age or weight of the pregnant mother be problem?
First of all, young and primiparous mothers sometimes develop gestosis. However, if the age of the mother is over 35 she is more likely to develop gestosis. Obesity, multifetal pregnancy and racial background (African American) are also influential factors. In particular, pregnant mothers with a BMI over 35 are three times likely to develop gestosis than those with a BMI under 20.

 - What is the prognosis for gestosis? Is it necessary to treat the disease on a continuous basis after childbirth?
If a primiparous mother had gestosis before the 30th week of pregnancy, the recurrence rate is as high as 40% in the next pregnancy. If the pregnant woman had hypertension during pregnancy, it is necessary to treat the disease after childbirth since she is likely to experience ischemic heart disease, chronic hypertension, diabetes, blood clot or stroke later.


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