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Title [St. Vincent's Hospital] Beautiful Sharing of Love Saved a One-Year-Old Kazakhstan Child
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : Hospital Issue  |  Date : 2016-01-28  |  Hits : 7124
Content 성빈센트병원(영)

2. 병원이슈_성빈센트병원

There was this beautiful news regarding the rescue of a one-year-old boy in Kazakhstan in the International Health Care Center of The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital- thanks to the beautiful act of sharing love. 

The child was diagnosed as suffering from Down’s syndrome at the age of 17 months last August, and visited the hospital through the International Health Care Center and was in overall bad health. 

The 17-month-old child weighed only 5.4kg and would have been in mortal danger if the visit was delayed even for a little time. 

The child developed complications associated with a congenital heart defect, pneumonia, anemia,septicemia and growth impairment. Professor Oh Jin-hee from thePediatrics Department did everything in her power to improve the patient’s condition with suitable injections and medical treatment. 

While the parents were very grateful that their son could receive medical treatment, they worried about the medical fees. 

Therefore, the staff at the International Health Care Center sought for the ways to help the child patient and anonymous donors more than covered the medical expenses. One of the anonymous donors wanted to continue to provide money until the patient is fully recovered. Thanks to people who practice love for those in need, the spark of life that might have been extinguished is still glowing. 

The child patient left the hospital after completing the hospital treatment on November 2, 2015 and his condition was greatly improved. This remarkable story and happy ending was made possible thanks to the compassionate love of the neighbors and the care provided by medical staff. The patient will continue to receive treatment for his congenital heart defect and growth impairment.


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