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Title [Ajou University Hospital] Gives a new life to a Cambodian girl who was unable to walk
게시물 등록정보 Writer : admin Classification : Hospital Issue  |  Date : 2016-01-28  |  Hits : 7600
Content 아주대학교(영)

Ajou University Hospital decided to provide free surgery to a 17-month-old child from Cambodia, named Lorn Lisa, who could not walk due to congenital hip dislocation by participating in the 'Medical Sharing Project for invited overseas patients' in cooperation with Gyeonggi Province last September.

Professor Jae Ho Cho, a pediatric orthopedic specialist at Ajou University Hospital, examined her status closely through the local hospital in Cambodia and formulated a treatment plan before Lisa entered Korea. She and her mother eventually arrived in Korea for treatment on October 19. While in Korea, Lisa underwent surgery, consisting of closed reduction and was applied with a cast for her dislocated hip joint. Thereafter, the cast has been replaced while observing her condition by periodic follow up care at the outpatient clinic.

After three months period of treatment, Lisa finally was able to practice walking like her friends and she safely returned to Cambodia in the last week of December.

Professor Jae Ho Cho said that "The surgery of the dislocated left hip underwent well and the bone is healing in place so that she can be sent to her home country without any additional surgery". "A child who would have to sit for nearly her whole life became well so as to walk in the end, and being able to change one’s life totally by a surgery is a rewarding experience for me as a doctor" he said.

Lisa will start to practice walking about two months later with an abduction brace produced in Korea. Ajou University Hospital will continue to monitor the status of Lisa in cooperating with a local hospital in Cambodia.


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