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[Others] Bobath Memorial Hospital

Specialized Medical Dept.

Neurorehabilitation Center, Neuological Disease Center, Lifestyle Related Disease Center, Palliative Care Center (Hospice)

Medical Dept.

Internal Medicine, Neurological Disease Center, Rehabilitation, Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation Center, Degenerative Nerve Disorder Center, Lifestyle Related Disease Center


Bobath Memorial Hospital was founded in May 2002 to honor the spirit of the British couple Mr. and Mrs. Bobath(Dr. Karel Bobath was a physician and Mrs. Berta Bobath was a physical therapist) who devoted their lives for patients who were suffering from centralnervous system disorders especially brain injury. We also provide, as a medical institution specialized for centralnervous system disorders and chronic internal illnesses, provide quality treatment system and integrated health care services. Particularly, our consultant surgeons and specialists in the fields of neurology and rehabilitation medicine commit patient-customized rehabilitation medical services for the patients with centralnervous system disorders and continuously push ahead with specialization of senior health care regarding chronic internal illnesses, degenerative disorders in nervous system and acute diseases from their onset to recovery.

Hospital Information - Scale, Liability Insurance, Medical quality certification
Scale All (Num)550 BED (Num)540
DOCTOR (Num)23 Nurse (Num)146
Liability Insurance Insurance
The business year
Aggregate Amount Insured
Medical quality certification JCI Medical institution, certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Special hospital Gyeonggi-do medical tour excellent cooperation organization

Subsidiary services for foreign patients

• Hotel Reservation Service (Hotel, Residency)

• Airport Pick-up Service
    - Ambulance (accompanied by medical team)
 - Taxi, Van
• Arabic TV channels (installation upon admission)
• WIFI available in all hospital areas
• Arabic meal for patients (western style meal available)
• 1:1 Coordinator Service
• Translator Service
    - Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian (Provided upon admission)
• Hospital Guidance Book
    - Daily Living Convenience Services (Transportation, Shopping, Cell phone activation, Hospital Guidance)
    - Arabic, English, Chinese, Russian (In Process)

Medical Care Costs


Specialists and therapists in neurology and rehabilitation medicine in our Neurorehabilitation Center provide patient-customized rehabilitation therapies to ones with neurological disorders (stroke, traumatic brain injury, degenerative brain disorders).
Hospitalization- 90 days, Ambulatory care- 90 days
Bobath Memorial Hospital

155-7, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,

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