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General Hospital

[General Hospital] G SAM Medical Center

Specialized Medical Dept.

Treatments to enhance immunity, local and systemic treatments Laparoscopic anticancer hyperthermia in the abdominal cavity Endoarterial anticancer therapies

Medical Dept.

Family Medicine, Infectious Disease Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, Urology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Allergology, Radiology, General Surgery, Breast & Thyroid Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Otolaryngology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Neuropsychiatry, Orthopedics, Oncology, Laboratory Medicine, Dentistry, Oriental Medicine, Hematooncology, Pulmonology, Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, Nuclear Medicine


Under the banner of “Global Missionary Hospital to realize the Love of Life via Excellent Integrated Treatment and Whole-Person Healing”, we prioritize a single life over the universe. Located at Gunpo City, Southern Gyeonggi Province, the G SAM Hospital is a general hospital with medical staff and facilities that meet the global requirements and 400 sickbeds. But the most important factor of us, we believe, is the person who knows what love is. We are a meeting of such commitments. From birth to death, we take of care all the people who suffer from diseases in their life and implement healthcare programs to prevent such diseases. We carry out preaching and teaching as well as healing God endowed us for the purpose of his Glory. Armed with God’s grace and love he gave us through his Cross, we are going to be responsible for healing of our patients, their family, all the citizens in Korea and world citizens. Please visit us and heal your physical body and recover your soul. Hyosan Medical Inc. SAM Hospital Group comprises Anyang SAM Hospital, Gunpo SAM Hospital, SAM Women’s Hospital and SAM Oriental Medicine Hospital.

Hospital Information - Scale, Liability Insurance, Medical quality certification
Scale All (Num)414 BED (Num)342
DOCTOR (Num)62 Nurse (Num)209
Liability Insurance Insurance
삼성화재 The business year2014
Aggregate Amount Insured1억9천
Medical quality certification JCI Medical institution, certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Special hospital Gyeonggi-do medical tour excellent cooperation organization

Subsidiary services for foreign patients

· International Healthcare Department
· Foreigner's Lounge 
· 4 Languages Coordinators
· Brochures and Department Profiles in 4 Languages
· Guest house to stay during getting treatment
· Free pick-up Service for arrival and departure
· Phone Rental Service ·&nbsp Foreigner's Ward
· Russian Cable TV at the Guest House and Foreigner's Lounge
· Introducing Tourist Sites
· 24 hours, Medical Translating
· Online & Phone Medical Consultation
· After getting the consultation from a specialist, sending the treatment plan and invoice for free
· Holistic Healing (music, art, dancing, laughing therapy)
· Russian worship
· Shuttle Bus for 4 hospitals

Medical Care Costs

Immunity enhancement therapies, and local/systemic treatment

Our experts in the field of modern medicine, oriental medicine and complementary & alternative medicine, after thorough examination of their conditions, help the patients enhance their immunity. Concurrently, our experts implement local treatments(radiation, high-frequency hyperthermia, cyrotherapy, photodynamic therapy, etc.) or systemic anticancer treatment if required.

Laparoscopic anticancer hyperthermia in the abdominal cavity

Different from existing techniques, this utilizes a laparoscope to examine the cancer cell in the abdominal cavity and proceeds with synechotomy if necessary. The procedure comprises antitumor agent injection into the abdominal cavity and high temperature maintaining for about 1 hour at 42 – 43°C. Advantages include rather small scars and rapid recovery. Particularly effective for patients with nonmalignant ascites that is not easy to control and with various kinds of peritoneal cancer or peritoneal metastasis cancer.

Endoarterial anticancer therapies

This technique injects an antitumor agent directly into the cancer tissue, not into a vein but into an artery that supplies the cancer tissue with nutrition. Therefore, this technique effectively attacks the cancer cell minimizing any damage of normal cells, particularly minimizing adverse effects caused by the antitumor agent. Because the agent is injected into an artery, 80 – 90% of which flows into the cancer cells.
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