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[Anseong] Anseong Farm Land


There is a place in Korea, where people can feel mood of the book . Anseong Farm Land, located in Sindu-ri, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, is the place, where yellow-green rye land spread out. Meadow of Anseong farm, operated by Nonghyup Livestock Research Institute, has barley and rye in total area of 300,000 pyeong. In Korea, where there is a low demand of rye, it is rare to see a place filled with rye. Each year in May, visitors can feel mood of vast green rye land. In farm, they can feel to be the main characters in movies by riding a bicycle on narrow path, where zelkova trees are planted along the path. Rye land's horizon and poplar trees create an outstanding scenery. As it is located in vicinity of the capital area, family members can easily visit in a haalf day tour and many photographers choose to go there. This outstanding scenery of rye land can only be seen until the mid of May, and after that, farmers harvest rye and plant corns. In the summer season, vast cornfield creates another scenery.

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