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[Yongin] Caribbean Bay Yongin


Caribbean Bay, located in Jeondae-ri, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is the Everland Resort's water park. It was opened in 1996 having various playing and additional facilities that utilize water. It was designed based on the Middle Ages' Espana port, and it creates exotic atmosphere by having Espana style stone building, subtropical plant and wrecked ship. Furthermore, it has aquatic center, outdoor stage, outdoor restaurant and locker room. Especially, inside the aquatic center, there are sauna, spa, suntan room that can be used in winter. Therefore, visitors can enjoy Caribbean Bay regardless of seasons. The popular facility in Caribbean Bay is wave pool, which allows to enjoy various levels of wave with tidal system that creates artificial wave. There are various other facilities, such as flowing water pool, adventure pool, gid pool and slide. After entering Caribbean Bay, visitors will wear a barcode bracelet, known as bay coin, that can be used in rental shop, restaurant, gift shop, etc. with advanced payment.

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