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[Ansan] Daebudo Island


Daebudo Island, located in Daebu-dong, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, is also known as 'Ansan-si's Hawaii,' due to its beautiful scenery. Getting there by vehicle is possible as it is connected to Namyang-myeon, Hwaseong-gun by siwha tide embankment. Twice a day, when there is an ebb tide, mud flat can be seen. Using a vehicle, an unique driving experience can be gained by driving through island to island. Daebudo Island is the biggest island in the west coast. Around Daebudo Island, there are five populated islands, including Seonggamdo Island, Bultando Island, Pungdo Island and Yukdo Island and 12 deserted islands. To the north of the island, there is Hwanggeumsan Mountain (168m), and most of the region is hilly area with 100m or lower altitude. As for climate, there is a huge gap between cold and heat, and it snows a lot in the winter season. As for cultural relics, there are a well-known devoted son in Namdong, Hong Jeonghi's Memorial Gate for the Filial Piety and charity monument to praise scholar Lee chan's philanthrophy to the poor people at the end of Joseon Dynasty. Moreover, visitors can dig out razor shells, mactra veneriformis and gastropods from the mud flat. As for sea fishing, they can catch goby, halibut, rockfish and spotty belly greenling. Also, Daebudo Island is famous for various indigenous products, and among these, manila clam kalguksu (handmade chopped noodle) is one of the best.

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