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[Osan] Doksanseong Fortress


Doksanseong Fortress-Semadae Site is a famous place, where General Gwon Yul defeated Japanese troops in Doksanseong Battle. In the King Seonjo 26th year, reinforcement of the Ming Dynasty came south to fight with General Gwon Yul in Doksanseong. Kato Kiyomasa, the leader of the Japanese troops, thought that Doksanseong did not have water and sent a carrier load of water to the mountain. In fact, although Doksanseong Fortress was a major strategic point as a military base, but it did not have enough spring water. However, the General Gwon Yul found out Kato Kiyomasa's intension, and he pretended to wash a white horse with white rice. After looking at this scene, the Japanese troops thought that there was actually enough water in Doksanseong Fortress. From this anecdote, the name Semadae was originated. Doksanseong Fortress is 140th historic site that has total distance of the main fortress of 1,100m and inner fortress of 350m. According to the records, it was built by Baekje, and it was used as a strategic point during the Unified Silla Dynasty and and Koryo Dynasty. Originally, it was called Seokdaesan or Hyangnobong Peak, and during the Joseon Dynasty, it was called Doksanseong. However, after the General Kwon Yul's cleverness during the Japanese Invasion, it was called Semasan or Semadae.

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