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[Guri] Donggureung Royal Tomb


Donggureung Royal Tomb has nine royal tombs out of 40 royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty that have been selected as UNESCO World Heritage. It is located in Anchang-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, and Chinese envoy called it 'Place created by the Heaven' since the place is such a prepitious site. In 1408, when the King Taejo, Lee Seonggye passed away, various locations for royal tomb were on the list, but finally, this place was chosen. In order to construct Geolleungwon, where the King Taejo was buried, more than 6,000 military personnel participated. When the King Taejo was alive, he wanted to be buried with the Queen Sindeok. As a result, he prepared his tomb beside Jeongneung Royal Tomb of Queen Sindeok. However, next king, Taejong, did not follow his father's will. Instead, he created his father's tomb in a different place from Jeongneung Royal Tomb. Besides Geonwolleung Royal Tomb, In Donggureung Royal Tomb, there are Hyeolleung Royal Tomb (5th King Munjong and Queen Hyeondeok), Mongneung Royal Tomb (14th King Seonjo, Queen Uiin and Queen Inmok), Sungneung Royal Tomb (18th King Hyeongjong and Queen Myeongseong), Hwireung Royal Tomb (16th King Injo and Queen Jangnyeol), Hyereung Royal Tomb (20th King Gyeongjong and Queen Danin), Wolleung Royal Tomb (21th King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongsun), Gyeongneung Royal Tomb (24th King Heonjong, Queen Hyohyeon and Queen Hyojeong) and Sureung Royal Tomb (the King Sunjo's crown prince, Ikjong and Empress Sinjeong).

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