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[Gwangju] Gonjiam Doja Park (Gonjiam Ceramic Park)


Gonjiam Doja Park was established in order to provide various attractions to domestic and foreign tourists in Paleolithic cultural remains in the vicinity of Sam-ri, Gonjiam-eup that is near Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, which was created, taking the opportunity of the World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea. In Gonjiam Doja Park, there is Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum and mosaic garden that have been created by potters with a theme of five cardinal colors. On right and left sides, there are pottery hall (ceramic arts exhibition hall), Domun hall (experiencing friendliness about ceramic culture) and Gwangju royal ceramic sales shop in two porcelain drawing halls, where visitors can meet white porcelains from the Joseon Dynasty. In empty plain of the Paleolithic remains surrounding the museum, there are historic culture exhibition space that reproduces natural beauty and experience space, allowing visitors and future generations to understand Korea's ceramic culture.

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