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[Yongin] Hantaek Botancial Garden


Hantaek Botanical Garden, located in Mountain, Oksan-ri, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is a private botanical garden opened in 1984, with its site preparation started in 1979. Among private botanical gardens, it is Korea's largest one. It has total surface of 200,000 pyeong having various rare plants, such as Adonis plant, Kkaengkkaengipul, Hallagucheolcho and trcyrtis dilatata nakai. Its aquatic botanical garden has total area of 10,000 pyeong. Moreover, it has about 9,000 plant species, such as 1,250 South Korea's native herbaceous plants species, 500 woody plant species, 150 North Korea's native herbaceous plants species, 1,700 foreign native herbaceous plants species and 600 woody plant species. Among wild, evergreen, pteridophyta, one-way reversible and dye botanical gardens, the wild botanical garden is protecting, preserving and managing about 1,800 wild plant species, such as Korea's special plants, legally protected plants, rare/endangered plants by reproducing the nature's ecosystem. As for these plants, ecology research and resource recovery investigation are on-going, in order to have the appropriate function as a preservation center. In medical plant botanical garden, various medical plants, medicinal herbs, are displayed, and in dye botanical garden, plants, which are used in dyeing, are growing.

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