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[Yongin] HO-AM Art Museum Yongin


HO-AM Art Museum, located in Gasil-ri, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is a private art gallery that was established by the Samsung Group's founder, Lee Byeongcheol, where about 1,200 Korean art works collected over 30 years are exhibited. It was open in 1982, and its main building is in traditional Korean-style house form. Furthermore, there are Bourdelle Garden that exhibits art works of Bourdelle, master of France modern sculptor, Waterside Plaza and road of stone seals. On the first floor of the main building, there is special exhibition hall displaying theme projects twice a year and permanent exhibition room for Buhhist art. On the second floor, landscape paintings, figure paintings and ceramics are permanently exhibited, and there is a lounge for rest space. Hee Won Garden, opened in 1997, is a trdirional Korean garden where Korea's traditional charm exists in and out of the wall. In HO-AM Art Museum, visitors can enjoy beauty of Korean traditional garden via antique works. They can also purchase a variety of art products in gift shop.

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