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[Hwaseong] Jebudo Island


Jebudo Island, located on the coastal water of Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, has the total area of 1㎢ with coastline distance of 12km. It is a relatively small island that has also been known as 'Jeobi Island or Jeopbi Island', as it can been seen far away from the land with the naked eye. Jebudo Island is famous for its special ebb tide. When it is time for ebb tide, surface of the water becomes lower than sea-bed, and as a result, it looks like water is divided into two, as seabed is exposed on the sea. This phenomena is similar to 'Miracle of Moses,' and it happens twice a day. During the time for ebb tide, 4~5m depth of water goes out, and 2.3km of sea-road can be seen. It is fantastic to walk the cement paved road between mud flats on both side, and enjoy beautiful scenery. Viewing points of Jebudo Island are Jebudo beach, Jebudo mud flat, Maebawi, Jebudo wharf, and clam stall. Also, Jebu seawater bath is famous for its high quality water that is directly taken from the natural ocean, where microorganism and organic components of the mud flat exist abundantly.

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