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[Namyangju] KOFIC Namyangju Studios


DEX stands for 'Design Experience', meaning a place to experience design. DEX, design experience hall, was created in order to help pursuing beauty in daily life and tell people that design is not something hard, but rather something that exists in people's daily life. It is a professional design place not only for designers and aspirants, but also for everyone else. Once visitors enter the place, they will first encounter 'Design Tunnel' where computer graphic body image of a guide explains precautions and information regarding the exhibit, and curiosities related with design in easy words. Exhibition hall, 'Design Nature', introduces environment-friendly design and industrial design based on the natural materials. Furthermore, 'Design Living' shows functional designs that can be easily encountered in daily life. Moreover, there are 'VR room', that displays design of the future in 3D image, and 'Design Basic', where visitors can learn about principle of design and combination of colors. Besides, there is 'Design of Korea', showing life and design of Koreans after the time of enlightenment in chronological order.

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