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[Yongin] Korean Folk Village


Korean Folk Village is an international tourist site established as an outdoor folk museum, which displays and reproduces traditional lifestyle that depicts wisdom of Korean ancestors. The older generation can feel warmth and homesick of their hometown, while children can experience the ancestors' wisdom in this place. Furthermore, this is Korea's largest theme park, where foreign tourists can see and feel Korean traditional culture. As for elementary school curriculum, students are learning about old life style, such house structure, house appliances, and the four ceremonial occasions. However, as they do not have a chance to experience them in real life, they often find it difficult to comprehend those. This is where Korean Folk Village comes into effect. They can personally experience more than 270 Korean-style houses that depict wisdom of the ancestors. Moreover, there are more than 16,000 traditional house applicances that displays wisdom of ancestors' life. Also, Korean Folk Village is a famous shooting place for historical dramas, as it displays old street, village and lifestyle in great details. Also, visitors can see or experience production process of traditional handicrafts, as there are about 20 traditional handicraft workshops, including Hanji handicraft workshops. Next to folk scenic area, there is Family Park, where visitors can enjoy modern rides, such as Viking and roller coaster.

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