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[Pocheon] Korean National Arboretum


Korean National Arboretum consists of a natural forest (1,018 ha), special exhibition garden (100 ha), forest museum, forest creatures specimen hall, forest zoo, warm temperate greenhouse and tropical plant resource research center. As for the special exhibition garden, it went through construction from 1984 to 1987 having 15 exhibition halls in accordance with plants' characteristics and functions. The forest museum, opened on April 4th 1987, presents about 11,000 exhibits, including information about Korean forest and forestry, various forestry informations that explain the history, current status and future, relics and wooden goods. The forest zoo, opened in 1991, displays 17 wild animal species, including Siberian tigers, Asiatic Black Bears and wolves. Also, it has natural virgin forest from the Joseon Dynasty having the long history of nature and the total of 2,775 unique plant species. In support of nature conservation, only reserved visitors are allowed to enter. It is recommended to plan out a schedule based on a guide map, as the place is larger than one can imagine, with forest museum, zoo, foreign plant arboretum, botanical garden for the blind, etc.

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