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[Icheon] Lotte Premium Outlet (Icheon)


Lotte Premium Outlet Incheon, located at the center of Yeongdong and Jungbu expressway, is an exclusive shopping zone. It is only 10 minutes away from Seoicheon IC, Deokpyeong IC, Icheon IC and Namicheon IC. It has the nation's largest general store with 31 permanent shops, shoes shop, kids mall, kitchen land and lingerie lounge. Besides it has six experiencing stores, regional specialty ceramic store, special products market. It aims to provide more than 350 different brands at affordable price to satisfy all age levels of customers.

주변 관광지 아이콘 Tourist attraction 주변 쇼핑 아이콘 Shopping 주변 식당 아이콘 Restaurants 주변 숙박 아이콘 Accommodation and Amenity