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[Osan] Mulhyanggi Arboretum


Gyeonggido Mulhyanggi Arboretum, located in the vicinity of Sucheong-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, was opened in 2006 and it has total area of 100,000 pyeong. It has the theme of 'Meeting of water, tree and human. There are various zones, in accordance with characteristics of planets and region. For instance, there are 19 different zones, such as rose of Sharon garden, filled with various Sharon species, maze garden made out of trees, topiary garden designed by artificially trimming plants, central region garden that has various planets in the central region of Korea and marsh eco park where visitors can observe wetland. Furthermore, there is an exhibition hall with two stories underground and one story above ground. Inside, there are special permanent exhibition hall, three permanent exhibition halls and screen-meeting room. Also, it exhibits various themes, including vitality of forest, forest and human, ecology of wetland, benefit of forest and experience/participation.

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