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[Anseong] Namsadang Training Center


Namsadang Training Center provides an opportunity for visitors to have a better understanding about Korean culture through Namsadang play, a traditional pop culture that everyone can easily comprehend and enjoy as a leisure place. Also, using Namsadang doll and Korean folk things, children can learn while enjoying joyful play in the culture experience class. Baudeogi, who was born in Anseong-si, practiced tightrope walking, since she was young. When she became 15 years old, she became Korea's first youngest Kkokdusoe (a leader of Namsadang). Baudeogi was acknowledged by Heungseon Daewongun for her outstanding talent and artistic contribution. Cheongnyeongsa Temple still keeps the dream and resentment of Baudeogi, who wanted to become Kkokdusoe (traditionally, it was men's position). In order to praise her soul, Anseong-si has built Namsadang Training Center to improve Namsadang play. Also, it aims to inherit the tradition by forming Baudeogi Pungmuldan. Although Baudeogi passed away when she was only 23 years old, visitors can still feel her passion in Namsadang Training Center. They can understand a Korean intangible culture asset and fall in love with its charm.

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