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[Gwacheon] National Museum of Contemporary Art Gwacheon


After its establishment in 1969 in Small Exhibition Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace, it was performing various activities in support of development of pure fine arts for 40 years. National Museum of Contemporary Art is the national museum of arts that accommodates world art's chronological trend and the flow of Korean modern time art at the same time. In 1986, it was rebuilt in Gwacheon City, and now it has an international size facility and outdoor sculpture area. It has total area of 66,916㎡ and exhibition hall surface area of 14,144㎡. Especially, 33,000㎡ area of outdoor sculpture park has a mysterious and relaxed space sense with its surrounding natural environment. Inside the museum, there are seven exhibition halls, archetype exhibition hall, art archive and children's art museum. The archetype exhibition hall is the largest among the nine exhibition spaces, and it is the permanent exhibition space freely displaying various modern art works without any specific genre. The children's art museum, opened in 1997, is located on 2nd and 3rd floor having a distinctive circular shape. It displays installation products that make use of its space feature and artworks which are actually made by children. As for the exhibitions, there are permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions.

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