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[Hwaseong] Okran Culture Foundation


The Okran Culture Foundation, 1 hour from Seoul, is a cozy space for spending some uninterrupted time with only a few people about in a beautiful natural setting. There is a large garden of about 40,000m2, a lake of 2,600m2 and 3 beautiful traditional houses. The Okran Culture Founation provides a unique experience and the merit of this house is that it receives only one group at a time. While it is not an island surrounded by the sea, guests can feel like they are in an unihabited island. This experience is not just about renting a house to stay in. Two ponds where white lotus flourish splendidly and the forests and garden filled with bird song are so extensive and so beautiful that it is difficult to get a feel for the 40,000m2 area. Including a quiet house with a fireplace and a house filled with books on one wall, each unique house stands alone. Log houses hidden in the forest and a cafe made from a renovated hen house are also unique. All these things can be enjoyed only by one group at a time.

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