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[Goyang] Seooreung Royal Tomb


Seooreung Royal Tomb, located in Yongdu-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, is a royal tomb from the Joseon Dynasty having the total area of 1,829,792㎡ and it was selected as 198th historic site on May 26th 1970. It is composed of five royal tombs. The reason why Seooreung area was selected as royal tomb area is because in 1457 (Sejo 3rd year), when crown prince passed away, Gyeongreung was established in accordance with theory of divination based on topography. Seooreung Royal Tomb is composed of various royal tombs, such as Gyeongreung Royal Tomb (King Deokjong and Queen Sohye), Changreung Royal Tomb (8th King Yejong and Queen Ansun), Myeongreung Royal Tomb (19th King Sukjong, Queen Inhyeong and Queen Inwon), Ikreung Royal Tomb (Queen Ingyeong) and Hongreung Royal Tomb (21th King Yeongjo and Queen Jeongseong). Besides, Sunchangwon of the King Myeongjong's first son Sunhoe is located and Daebinmyo of the King Sukjong's royal concubine, Jang Heebin was relocated in. It takes about one hour to one hour 40 minutes to look around Seooreung Royal Tomb. As for transportation, take subway line number 3, get off at Nokbeon Station, and take either 9701 and 702 bus. Or, take subway line number 6, and get off at Gusan Station, and take 9701 bus.

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